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Thin Blade Rotary Creasing Machine

Thin Blade Rotary Creasing Machine

Technical Parameters:

  • Expiry Width: 2000mm
  • Min.cutting width130mm
  • Min.Pressing Line width:40mm
  • The outer diameter of thin blade:ф 260, ф 200
  • The thickness of thin blade:1.0mm, 1.2mm
  • Motor Power:4kw

Structural Features:

  • Cutting adopts thin blade, conquer the course edge, staving and avulsion of cutting process by traditional, thick blade. Make the edge straight, and improve the surface quality of the paperboard.
  • After pressing and cutting, the paper boards through leading paper complete the production.
  • Automatic (handle) hydraulic/grinding wheel grinds the blade, keep tartness and make the cutter paper board flatness and tidiness.