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Double Color Printer Slotter [Chain Feed Model]

Double Color Printer Slotter [Chain Feed Model]

Function and Characteristics:

● Chain feeding model, Gravure registering as convenient and correct with double bafle between the worktable.
● CAD Module design can combination at will, one, two, multicolor printing unit.
● Motorized detachment and combination, pneumatic locking and loosening of printing unit. Alarm ring and light to improved the operation security.
● Pneumatic uplift plate device, the anilox roller will break away the plate automatic when the machine stop, which can not to breakage the plate surface.
● Self-suck ink device can keep the plate surface humid when the motor stop, which can control the anilox roller racing circulate ink and cleaning the anilox roller automatic.
● All the transmission axle and roller are made by the high-quality steel; plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
● All the gear was spray lubrication.
● Numerical control electric phase device was used to every mostly roller, and it need to enter error number to adjustment at once, which can improve the working eficiency.
● Automatic Counter Device can correct control the produce quantity.
● Slotting Knife was used to the import high quality knife , which can suitable long-term used ; The slotting knife can adjustment the high of boxes at same time , which can save the changed order time.
● All the machine bearing was used Harbin seal ball bearing , which can guarantee the machine running steady.

(Main Technical parameter):

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Rotary Die-Cutting Machine [Chain Feed Model]

Rotary Die-Cutting Machine [Chain Feed Model]
  1. Machine introduction:
  2. This machine is component with the feeding unit and die-cutting unit, can accomplish the process of the corrugate paperboard slotting, corner cutting, creasing and separate cutting.
  3. The materials of the body is HT250, thickness of body is 50mm, making by machining center, with high strength and high precision.
  4. All the transmission gear is spiral gear, with low noise and high precision, materials is 45# steel after high frequency hardening. The gears adopt automatic circle lubrication.
  5. Main motor adopt “deyi” brand which a famous brand in China, the electric parts adopt “Schneider” brand, the magnetic value is “Airtec” brand.
  6. Bearing adopt the famous brand in China like Luoyang, Wafangdian, Haerbin.
  7. The machine has accounting function. When quantity is reached, there is warning alarm.
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Corrugation Machine [Oblique Type]

Corrugation Machine [Oblique Type]
  • Design speed:30 - 40 m/min
  • Valid width:1400mm
  • Roller diameter:215mm
  • Driving gear box adopt oil lubricate, reduce the noise
  • Up and down Corrugated roller, Press roller, Glue roller controlled by air
  • Finger Type
  • Corrugated roller, press roller adopt high temperature lubricate grease
  • Glue part adopt circulate automatic supply glue
  • Glue Roller adopt net chrome plated
  • Manual, Electric separating glue equipment
  • Motorized Rewinder
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