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BZJ1300 Automatic Laminating Machine

BZJ1300 Automatic Laminating Machine

Main features:
1. This machine is the fourth generation of the product when the next push claw fully automatic laminating machine. It is simple, maintenance convenient, high-speed, low-noise, high-precision advantages to help you win the market.
2. The main parts of the machine and the computer-controlled device, Japan, Germany, the brand-name products are used to ensure the accuracy and service life of the product.
3. BZJ series uses high-tech level control system. Automatically supply the machine production glue with glue recycling system, the amount of glue can be attached to fit the different requirements of the paper to adjust the glue coating on paper is more uniform, to achieve both savings glue but also to ensure the quality of products .
4. The machine is suitable for the printing and packaging industry card corrugated fit the machine at high speeds A, c, b, D, E, F, N flute, three, five, seven can work properly paper, mounted a good flatness, high accuracy.

Technical parameters:

Unit BZJ-1300
Maximum paper size (W×L) mm 1300×1100
Minimum sheet size (W×L) mm 350×350
Lamination accuracy mm ≤±1.5
The maximum mechanical speed m/min 100
Total Power kw 120
Mechanical Dimensions m 12.5×2.15×2.6
Total Weight of Machine T 6.8